Things To Avoid Putting In Your Microwave

Are you one of those people who are not fans of cleaning dishes, then you must love using paper plates? They are convenient, less expensive, and you can easily dispose of paper plates after use. 

Paper plates are widely used in large gatherings, parties, and events because you don’t have to worry about the clean-up process after eating in them. Looking at all the benefits of paper plates, you might also want to know that is it safe to use paper plates in the microwave. 

The answer to your query can be yes as well as no because it depends on whether or not the paper plate is coated with a plastic layer. Confused! Don’t worry because at the end of the article you will get the solution to your problem. So, keep scrolling! 

Can paper plates go in the microwave?

Yes, you can put paper plates in the microwave if the label says it oven-safe. Sometimes the paper plates are coated with plastic or any other material to increase their shelf life. These coatings can melt when subjected to heat in the microwave oven.

The microwaves of the oven can cause the release of chemicals from the paper plate coatings that can mix into your food. Such food, when consumed, can be dangerous for your health. 

The good news is most of the paper plates are made up of only paper, so you can use them to heat food in the microwave. We can’t be sure which ones do not go in the oven, so it is always good to check the label on the paper plate packaging.

Are Paper plates Microwave safe?

You should always avoid bleached, dyed, and plastic-coated paper plates because they contain a harmful chemical called Bisphenol-A. When people consume food from such plates frequently, the chances of nervous system disorder, cancer, and many other diseases increase. 

Can Paper plates Catch fire in the microwave?

As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) instruction, the paper products such as paper plates, paper towels, wax paper, parchments, etc can be used in the microwave without the fear of catching fire. 

Note that you should not put paper products such as brown paper bags, newspapers, tea, and coffee cups in the oven because they can heat up and cause a fire. The paper products which contain polystyrene can ignite due to the electromagnetic radiation of the microwave.

Usually, paper plates contain substances such as wood chemicals, resins, oil, and cellulose. These substances are not harmful, so it’s safe for you to use paper plates in the microwave. 

Can you put plastic plates in the microwave?

No, you should not. As soon as you put the plastic plate in the microwave, it will start to melt, releasing chemicals toxic to your health. 

Sometimes the plastic plates are labeled as microwave safe, but that generally means the plates won’t melt in the oven. You should avoid plastic products anyways because they are not environmentally friendly and are almost impossible to discard completely. 

Can you microwave Chinet paper plates?

The Chinet brand is not one of the bad guys. The people who are already familiar with the plates of Chinet know that it is safe to use them in the microwave. 

The brand claims that its plates are made in the United States from 100% environmentally friendly recycled materials. The Chinet paper plates are not coated with plastic, dyes, dioxin, or any other coating material. 

Are dixie paper plates microwave safe?

Dixie paper plates are also one of the microwave-safe options you will get in the market. These plates are cut-resistant as they are made up of five layers. 

It is very convenient to use dixie paper plates for your everyday meals or special occasions because they are soak-proof and sturdy. Dixie paper plates have a water-based coating which means you can use them to reheat your meals.

Can you microwave the paper box?

Tons of food comes in the paper box, which is very popular for food transportation. You might be wondering whether this container( paper box) is useful for the microwave or not?

The answer to this is yes. The paper box container makes it easier to microwave. Now, you don’t have to transfer the food from the box to the plate to reheat it later. 

While it is pretty safe to microwave paper boxes, but you need to be careful too. You are recycling it. Previously, people didn’t bother to do this, but now they do recycle certain things. Because the number of recycling stuff has been increased so when it comes to microwaving your paper box, it can add a bit of an issue. 

The recycled boxes can have small particles of metal or other particles that are not microwave-safe. It means those recycled boxes can cause sparks in the microwave that can harm the person standing there. Luckily, this problem is very rare in paper boxes to be recycled, so go ahead and enjoy your food without any worry.

Best paper plates for microwave:

You might be searching for microwave-safe plate options in the market, so here we have collected all the best options for you and your family. 

Glad Disposable paper plates come in different prints and sizes. These plates are designed to be cut-resistant and strong so that you do not have to worry about your food sliding off the plate. The Glad plates are microwave safe because they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Comfy Package heavy-duty paper plates are plain white and compostable. These are made up of fibers obtained from sugarcane. The plates are durable as they are leakproof and sturdy. Most importantly, the paper plates manufactured by the comfy package are microwave safe.

The other well-known brand of microwave-safe paper plates is Dixie. As explained above, these plates come in different prints and sizes.


You can put a paper plate in the microwave if it is not coated with plastic, dyes, or other harmful chemicals. Before using paper to reheat your meal, it’s better to check the label on the packaging. Put it in the microwave only if the labeling says it’s microwave safe.

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